Innovative Solutions For Industrial Coatings

Based on your enhancement targets to improve surface properties such as bonding, friction reduction, antibacterial or corrosion protection, AMT supplies or develops the best coating solution to meet your specific needs.


AMT’s innovative noble metal coatings and alloys are applied on powders, aerogels, zeolites and other substrates for use in catalysis. High performance tubing and precision components made of plastic, ceramics, glass, metals and elastomers can be coated to meet your specific surface properties improvement goals.

Rapid Development, Protoyping and Scale Up

AMT leverages its international research and development resources to identify or to rapidly develop the best coating technology for your specific needs. Availability of lab samples to pilot runs for tailored coating solutions. AMT has extensive expertise in supporting industrial product development programs.

Large Scale Manufacturing

AMT offers cost-efficient large scale production. A strict quality assurance program ensures consistent and high performance for AMT’s coatings.


AMT creates unique surface properties by using plasma polymerization technologies. Coatings are covavently bonded to your substrate for long lasting quality and performance. Learn more about AMT’s unique coating technologies:

Catalytic Surfaces

AMT offers unique and novel catalytic coating solutions for applying cost-efficiently nanometer scale noble metals and other transition metals.


AMT’s catalytic solutions are ideal for applications such as environmental sorptive and separative processes as well as biocatalysis, drug synthesis, gas and chemical catalytic based reactions and processes.


AMT’s catalytic coatings offer a proliferation of new applications along with many as yet unexplored possibilities for process development by end-users.

Prevent Corrosion

AMT’s technology provides ultrathin corrosion protective barrier coatings for lowest possible cost.


Conformal coatings composed of platinum metal or fluoropolymers can be applied in complex configurations such as monolayer or multilayer constructions to protect coated material from harsh chemical environments.


A wide variety of fluoropolymers and metal coatings such as platinum, titanium and gold are available for the most demanding application requirements.


AMT’s latest manufacturing technology combined with AMT’s advanced coating formulations provide the best corrosion prevention solution for a reasonable cost.


SILGLIDE® COATINGS are extremely lubricious, submicron in thickness, chemically resistant and biocompatible.


CARBOND COATINGS are of atomic dimension, retain substrate morphology and strength, and are chemically resistant and water wettable.


FLUOROCARB COATINGS are ultrathin, chemically resistant, highly hydrophobic and biocompatible.

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