Leadership Team

Stephen P Conover
President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Conover, a founder of Applied Membrane Technology Inc., has been the company’s President and CEO since 1996. During this time, his leadership and scientific research have led to the development of novel nanocoatings and membrane solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries. He has over 14 research publications under his name and is the co-inventor of 4 issued patents. He has also been instrumental in establishing collaborative R&D programs in the areas of Water Reclamation, Bioenergy, Environmental Separation and Medical Technology with major research institutions in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Dr Ashok K Sharma
Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Sharma received his PhD from the University of Missouri in Polymer Chemistry. His ground-breaking work in plasma polymerization, metal coatings and Parylene deposition have led to over 70 research publications, many US patents and development of scientific concepts such as the Atomic Interfacial Mixing (AIM), Molecular Mobility and Re-Orientation on Surfaces. His research has resulted in new applications for ultra-thin coatings and membranes in biomedical and industrial engineering. He has worked with several multinationals and has been associated with AMT for over 26 years.

Arne C Benson
Director of Engineering and Operations

Mr. Benson has over 30 years of engineering experience working in the medical, semiconductor, and aerospace industries. He holds an engineering degree from the University of Minnesota. He has been associated with AMT for the past 8+ years as head of their Engineering and Operations division.

Tim Noppert
Head of European Sales

As the head of Medical Engineering Resources – Europe, Tim Noppert has been helping clients for over 20 years with Technical Sales and Engineering Consulting in the medical device industry. His main focus is still on products for Vascular use such as Neuro, Cardio and Radio Vascular applications. Current Product types can range from Precision Machined Components e.g. Metal Laser Cut Tubes supporting Steerable Catheters, to Multi Lumen Silicone Tubing and Silicone Molded Components for CRM and other Medical Device applications.

Tim brings experience as a Mechanical Engineer, having worked as a Development Engineer for a Medical Device company for almost a decade – designing and manufacturing Vascular products. He has an excellent reputation in the industry and brings familiarity with AMT’s core coating technologies to head our European Sales operations.

Contact him by email if you have questions or if you are wondering if AMT or MER-Europe might be able to help!