SilGlide® coatings are manufactured from organo-siloxane monomers using Applied Membrane Technology’s (AMT) proprietary plasma polymerization process which can be operated in continuous and batch modes. During the manufacturing process, monomeric vapors are converted into covalently bonded polymeric coatings directly on the surface of the substrate.

AMT’s SilGlide® coating is applied to biomedical substrates as a dry lubricious coating. The coating, less than a micron in thickness, is resistant to common solvents. SilGlide® offers superb mechanical abrasion and flex fatigue resistance and can handle thermal stresses up to 200° C. Unlike other lubricious coatings on the market, SilGlide® coating does not need to be wetted.

Due to their excellent biomedical compatibility, flexible micro and macro-bend strength and excellent thermal, chemical, and radiation stability, AMT’s SilGlide® coatings are finding numerous biomaterial related applications.

Silglide® Fact-sheet

SilGlide® coatings are extremely lubricious, sub-micron in thickness, chemically resistant and biocompatible. Read our fact-sheet to know more.

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