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Applied Membrane Technology (AMT) offers innovative cost-efficient Medical Device & Antimicrobial coatings and membrane solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries. A worldwide network of research and development resources assures the latest technology for customized solutions. AMT can resolve most of your material surface-related issues and problems, whatever your field of research or business may be.

Our Clean Room manufacturing facilities and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) assure consistent high quality. We can rapidly tailor membranes to meet the exacting demands of your biomedical and industrial filtration processes and develop coatings to enhance substrate slip/lubricity, bonding and tissue interaction.


World Class Quality

A supplier to many well-known medical device companies with products in use for over 20 years. A strict quality assurance program ensures consistent high performance of our products.

Best-in-Class Capabilities

With a strong focus on R&D, we stand ready to undertake rapid development and prototyping. Our large GMP production facilities provide short turnaround time for most projects.

Legacy of Expertise

Our 30+ years of industry expertise, along with a history of collaborative research with major non-profit Research Institutions around the globe, has made us a go-to entity when seeking innovative solutions.