Mr. Conover, a founder of Applied Membrane Technology Inc., has been the company’s President and CEO since 1996. During this time, his leadership and scientific research have led to the development of novel nanocoatings and membrane solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries. He has over 14 research publications under his name and is the co-inventor of 4 issued patents. He has also been instrumental in establishing collaborative R&D programs in the areas of Water Reclamation, Bioenergy, Environmental Separation and Medical Technology with major research institutions in the USA, Europe and Asia.


SilGlide® coatings are extremely lubricious, submicron in thickness, chemically resistant, and biocompatible.


Carbond® coatings are chemically resistant, water wettable, of atomic dimension, and retain substrate morphology and strength.


Fluorocarb® coatings are ultrathin, chemically resistant, highly hydrophobic, and biocompatible.

Parylene PA

Parylene PA coatings are extremely smooth, stable, chemically resistant, and biocompatible, making them ideal for cell culture and coating sensitive substrates, such as ePTFE films.

Parylene PF

Parylene PF coatings are extremely hydrophobic on surfaces and useful for applications that require a high degree of moisture resistance, such as space and biomedical microelectronics.